Tristan Marmont


Photography Portfolio

Alex specialises in music photography, specifically on the heavier side of the spectrum so I favoured charcoal and dark colours to match the content. He's also a keen videographer, so I chose to incorporate interactive HTML5 videos into the website. The homepage and videos pages both feature a full screen video that plays in the background. When the user scrolls down, the video falls backward giving the user a 3D experience which builds excitement for the main content; the portfolio.

The Portfolio is a masonry style, width adaptive grid that adjusts the photos positioning to fill the entire breadth of the device the site is being viewed on. Other features include a .php contact form with an interactive Google Maps header as well as some automatic sliding image carousels that flick between photos to give the website energy whilst bringing it to life. The video portfolio page has full screen media players that are activated by hovering your mouse on them, mobile devices require a simple click. Go check it out for yourself and click the link above.

Website Features

  • HTML5 Videos (.mp4, .webm, .ogv)
  • Adaptive Masonry Portfolio
  • Intergrated Contact Form (.php)
  • Automatic & Responsive Image Carousels
  • Interactive Google Maps