Tristan Marmont


Psychotherapeutic Counselling Website

Avril Brohier wanted a clean and calm website to advertise her new counselling sessions available in Farnham. We both initially decided that a graphic designer was not required as I could fill that role as well considering there weren’t seriously complicated graphics to be created.

The look and feel aimed to be calm and accepting, with the colours purple & white as the central theme. We also worked on suitable emotive text to communicate with the visitors and explain what can be done to help them. The website ends with a soft draw CTA section with all the information needed to get in contact with Avril.

The webpage’s technical features include a multi-slide responsive main slider, custom logo and favicon design. We also used accordions and tabs effectively to shrink the visual size of the site, the aim of this was to prevent the viewer from being overwhelmed by too much text. Parallax imagery on dividers were also deployed for perceived increase in space and comfort.

Website Features

  • Clean & Professional Style
  • Mobile Adaptive Content
  • SEO / SMO Optimised
  • Automatic & Responsive Image Carousels