Tristan Marmont


BUFA - Berliner Union Film Association

BUFA challenged me in many new ways, and was the largest project I have done to date. The design itself was mostly implemented by me with a few tweaks later on as they elected to not bring a graphic designer on board. They wanted to be able to edit and change all of the elements on the website in house, so we implemented ACF – Advanced Custom Fields to enable that functionality. There is even a colour picker in the backend to change the style at any time.

This was the first project that we were asked to design a scaling vector map that would showcase the whole campus, we executed this using the Mapplic framework. Other notable features include the self-hosted welcome video, the Google Maps and Instagram/Twitter social media integrations.

Website Features

  • Fully Accessible WordPress Backend
  • ACF - Advanced Custom Fields [Editable]
  • Twitter & Instagram Intergration
  • Full Screen Self Hosted Video Homepage
  • Mobile Adaptive Sliders & Design