Tristan Marmont



Business Trading Company UK, known as BTC UK, is a holding and investment company specialising in the hospitality and real estate sectors in the UK. Established in 2015, it is a subsidiary of Business Trading Company (BTC) – a leading holding and investment company in Qatar. Adhering to their image, I designed a crisp and upmarket atmosphere for the look and feel of the website. By limiting my colour palette to gold, black and white I was able to build upon the prestige set out by BTC whilst delivering a stunning interactive portfolio and investment area to add extra flavour to the visitors experience.

Showcasing BTC UK's investments was the most important part of this job, so I made sure that they would draw the users focus by using an independent slideshow for each venture. Once that was done I fleshed out the rest of the website in the same style. Other features include a PHP contact form and visual hover effects in many areas of the website including the team page and the "about us" section.

Website Features

  • Mobile Adapted
  • PHP Contact Form
  • Bespoke Design & Style
  • Visual "On-Hover" CSS Effects