Tristan Marmont


Photography Portfolio

Minimalism is a sought after aesthetic in the photography industry. Simplifying your colour palette and stripping components to their bare essentials are two fundamental principles to adhere to when designing a website. Repetition and Iteration drive this bold approach feeding stunning visuals to the eye.

The main focus of this website was the portfolio, all characteristics and components were assembled in such a way to interfere as little as possible with the end user's experience. The visuals were allowed to breath by using a greyscale component structure, further reducing the distraction, and the main portfolio container is controlled by an adaptive Masonry layout that will shrink down to 1 column when the browser is shrunk or when a visitor is viewing the webpage from a phone.

Website Features

  • Responsive Image Layout
  • Bespoke Design
  • Minimalistic Style
  • High Image Quality
  • Mobile Adaptive Architecture