Tristan Marmont


De Beristain Wallace Lawyers

De Beristain Wallace is a commercial law firm based in Oxford Street, London. Focusing on the professionalism and prestige of law firms I chose to remove colour from most of the images, leaving the dark teal logo colour to fill the miscellaneous elements of the website. The homepage was given a "One Page" feel, with a few more specific pages that you can navigate to via the navbar, this provides the best of both worlds. It engages the visitor immediately whilst also providing more technical information in different locations if they want to delve further into the details of the law firm and where their legal focus lies.

The webpage features an automatic slider on the homepage including timed elements that appear in intervals to maximise engagement and impact with the user. The "Our Team" section has a masonry style grid that allows the user to select lawyers by practice area. I also used the Google Maps API to customise the map to a colour suited to the black & white/teal colour scheme.

Website Features

  • Automatic & Responsive Image Carousels
  • Responsive Scroll Animations
  • Adaptive Masonry Team Portfolio
  • Google Maps API intergration (Custom Themes)
  • Mobile Adaptive Content