Tristan Marmont


Jimmy's Website

This was a full-stack development done by myself with minor help from a graphic designer. The Wordpress CMS environment allowed many plug-in solutions that simplified a lot of the complicated functionality required. The design of the website was chosen to match the rich and vibrant style of the bars themselves. Deep and intense colours were used along with their trademark red & black zebra prints.

Pairing Stripe with the events calendar created an autonomous ticketing system which requires minimal maintenance overall. Other solutions such as Resdiary were used to funnel table bookings from the website traffic. External links to the beer and merch shops are used for now, there is potential to onboard that functionality in the future.

Website Features

  • Wordpress Full-Stack Development
  • Stripe Payment Facilities
  • Live Event Ticketing & Calendar
  • Resdiary Table Booking Widget
  • Self-Hosted Video Sliders