Tristan Marmont


Band Landing/One Page

For the release of our debut album we decided to upgrade our official website. During the design period the consensus converged upon a clean minimalistic look and feel, which led me to draw upon elements from Scandinavian designs. This meant keeping the number of components and their sizes to a minimum and using washed out colours: white/black/pastel.

This website showcases some smart gadgets, the first is an interactive clock that’s revealed when your cursor hovers over it. The second is a responsive tour date table that flips to a vertical layout when viewed on a mobile/tablet or a small web browser. The third couple are the slidable carousels in the Music/Merchandise section which enable the user to browse through albums and merchandise bundles, and the final one was implemented in the old website, a cloud based email signup form that stores all submitted e-mail addresses in a Google Sheets file negating the need for an email service provider (ESP) like MailChimp.

Website Features

  • Multiple Image Carousels
  • Cloud Based Email Signup
  • Interactive Countdoun Clock
  • Minimalistic Design
  • Full Tour Schedule Table