Tristan Marmont


About Me

I'm an enthusiastic, passionate, and experienced Front-End web developer. I utilise HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript, to develop beautiful solutions to online projects. Specialising in optimised, accessible, and narrative driven websites including e-commerce solutions. I produce tight-knit high-quality websites from scratch with a solid attention to detail, sometimes utilising frameworks where a project suits.

Most of my projects I’m either working alone building from flat designs/wireframes from graphic designers, or working in a small team of 2-3 of trusted colleagues. I develop rich, alluring, cross-browser, cross-device compatible websites, and take care of not only the large but the small details as they are the ones that enhance and heighten the end users experience.

I specialised mainly in scientific and technologically driven disciplines; my BSc in Computer Science and MSc in Digital Music Processing provided the perfect foundation for the tech & music route I've pursued. Past projects include an "Automatic Video Facial Expression Interpreter" built in Java, and "Real-Time Tube Guitar Amplifier Emulation" developed in C++. I used to play guitar in the band Counterfeit, but nowadays I design & develop websites.